Morpheus8: A Celebrity-favourite Skin Tightening Treatment

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What does Morpheus8 do?

Morpheus8 is an advanced skin resurfacing device that combines micro needling and radiofrequency energy to fractionally remodel and contour skin using the subdermal adipose remodelling device. This non-surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure triggers collagen production deep in the skin’s dermal layer for healthier and younger-looking skin. Morpheus8 can work on any area of the body and treats a wide range of skin concerns. It treats irregular skin tone and texture, deep lines and creases, sun damage, acne and acne scarring, skin laxity, enlarged pores, and stretch marks. It is effective for all skin types and tones. People exhibiting common signs of ageing can also undergo this treatment.


Morpheus8 procedure involves minimal to zero downtime. The overall process takes less than two hours to complete, and most patients return to normal daily activities after the treatment. You can expect mild redness, swelling, and itching right after the procedure, which will recede in two to three days.

What to avoid:

Avoid sun exposure for a few weeks and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen religiously to prevent post-procedure hyperpigmentation and make your results last longer.

Is it painful?

Morpheus8 is a painless procedure that does not require anaesthesia or incisions. A topical numbing cream is applied to the target area during the procedure to minimise any discomfort and desensitise nerve endings.

What happens in the Morpheus8 treatment?

The concerned professional stamps the handheld applicator on the site to allow penetration of micro needles into the subdermal tissues. These pins emit radio frequency energy in a controlled manner to remodel and restructure the surface for smoother, tighter skin. Keeping in mind the skin concern, the aesthetician customises the radio frequency energy emitted to reach different depths of dermal layers and achieve maximum results.

How to redeem?

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Where will you get the treatment done?

The treatment will be done by a professional at the clinic mentioned on the voucher.
kindly call for booking and bring your voucher with you to your appointment.

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