Dermagor Alphacade Shampoo 200ml

AED 121  (VAT inc.)
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  • Good smell
  • Pleasant and effective treatment
  • Ensures good hygiene of the scalp
  • Softening and soothing hair and body care

Softening and soothing hair and body care ensures good hygiene of the scalp and skin in psoriasis and severe scaly conditions.

A good smell (unlike cade or coaltar oils) and superior cosmetic qualities make this shampoo a pleasant and effective treatment, easily used and followed by people with the problems mentioned, especially children, from 3 years and above. 

3 to 4 times a week in the shower or more according to medical advice. Exposure time necessary for a treatment effect: 3 min minimum.


Salicylic acid: Keratolytic agent, decreases the formation of scales and dandruff by dissociating the bonds and the intercorneocyte bridges.

Essential oils of cade and cedar: Reducing agents, decreases the accelerated turnover of cells.

Complementary antiseptic and antipruritic action.

Fruit acids: Gentle chemical exfoliators, regulate cell renewal. Moisturizers, soften, soften and improve the epidermal surface condition for better skin comfort.

Neutral washing base: Of plant origin, cleanses the hair and the skin without attacking or drying out.

Leaves hair supple and skin soft.

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