Aroma Tierra Benzoin Extract (Essential Oil) Cambodia 10ml

Aroma Tierra
AED 68  (VAT inc.)
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  • Free from chemicals, preservatives, additives, solvents

Botanical name - Styrax tonkinensis , Crop origin - Cambodia. Extraction - Benzoin resinoids are diluted in DPG to bring them into a liquid form which is easier to use. Top benefits - Creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere when diffused, promotes relaxation, alleviates stress and anxiety, elevates mood, accelerates wound healing, acts as a natural toner, soothes skin conditions such as itching and irritation, hydrates dry skin, known to lighten skin pigmentation, finds application in perfumery, known for its aphrodisiac properties

Use in a diffuser, take a whiff from the bottle, use a few drops in a bath, add to foot soak, apply topically (dilute it in a base oil for topical application), add a few drops to your daily cream/oil for anti-ageing and restoring benefits (for skin-care routine), add few drops in warm water for internal use

50% Siam Benzoin Resinoid, 50% Dpg

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