Aroma Tierra Thyme Essential Oil (Spain) 30ml

Aroma Tierra
AED 209.75  (VAT inc.)
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  • 100% pure & natural
  • Certified organic by Ecocert
  • Free from chemicals, preservatives, additives, solvents

• 100% Pure & Natural | Therapeutic benefits | NOT diluted with carrier oil or solvents• FREE from chemicals | FREE from preservatives | FREE from additives | FREE from solvents (No Hexane)• Crop origin - Spain | Botanical name - Thymus vulgaris | Extraction - Steam distillation of Thyme herb• Top benefits - Helps decongest the nasal blockage and acts as a natural expectorant, boosts immunity, enhances food flavors, aids in digestive issues, promotes teeth and gum health, reduces bad breath, provides anti-ageing benefits owing to high anti-oxidants, helps reduce acne blemishes, tones the skin, helps fight dandruff and prevent hair loss (common ingredient of natural shampoos and hair oils), helps increase circulation and reduce muscular and joint pains, helps reduce water retention and removes toxins, reduces anxiety and stress and aids in fighting insomnia, acts as a natural bug repellant

Use in a diffuser, take a whiff from the bottle, use a few drops in a bath, add to foot soak, apply topically (dilute it in a base oil for topical application), add a few drops to your daily cream/oil for anti-ageing and restoring benefits (for skin-care routine), add few drops in warm water for internal use

100% Pure Thyme Essential Oil

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