Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters Skin Relief 30ml

Bruno Vassari
AED 372  (VAT inc.)
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  • Concentrate with a soothing effect
  • Minimizes the alterations to the skin
  • Reduces cutaneous inflammation
  • Contributes to the correct physiological recovery of the epidermis

Concentrate with soothing effect. It constitutes an integral treatment that minimizes the alterations to the skin, reduces cutaneous inflammation and contributes to the correct physiological recovery of the epidermis.

Start by choosing the most suitable combination of boosters for the skin.

After the mixture is made, put the syringe into the dosifier and use it in 3 steps of the treatment:

- 1 ml with the Glucosyl Hesperidin+Niacinamide Massage Gel.

- 1,5 ml applied directly to skin.

- 0,5 ml with The True Cream.

Ectoinsymcalmin Mg60, Ramnosoft

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