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Crescina Transdermic Follicular Islands Re-Growth 2100 Hair-Loss Women Vials 20's

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  • Anti-Hairloss Ampoules for Women
  • Helps to promote hair growth
  • Targets Thin Hair
  • Minoxidil-Free Formula

Crescina Hair Follicular Islands is a cosmetic treatment of topical application in ampoules. It contains the essence of patented Crescina Re-Growth (cysteine, lysine, glycoprotein) that aids in the physiological growth of hair. A portion of the patented assets (cysteine, lysine, glycoprotein, and Stem Engine - HFSC formula) is inserted into cyclodextrins that allow gradual release. Contains the special complex for Swiss follicular islands (glycogen, glutamyl-amido-ethyl-indole, Lupinus albus, proline, an extract of Triticum Vulgare + Glycine max + Scutellaria baicalensis) to assist both primary and secondary bulbs and follicles specifically those belonging to the follicular islands, in order to promote the development and growth of hair. It is indicated in cases of thinning of physiological and non-pathological origin. It does not act on totally atrophied bulbs and follicles.


Apply it every day for 5 consecutive days followed by two days break ( place each kind of Vials alternately )

Cysteine, Lysine, Glycoprotein, Stem-Engine, Hydroxyproline, Aspartic Acid, Enzyme Activator and Taurine.

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