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Intimizer Eco-Gel For Intimate Care Antibacterial For Men 250 Ml

AED 360  (VAT inc.)
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INTIMIZER eco-gel is a gentle intimate care of a new generation with antibacterial Smart silver particles. The unique innovative formula of gel is specially developed to protect and restore the natural microflora of the intimate zone. Eco-gel INTIMIZER works as a shield against pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi. Biologically active formula of INTIMIZER is based on a unique complex of plant extracts, organic prebiotic, natural moisturizing ingredients, lactic acid, Colloidal silver. INTIMIZER ECO-GEL IS A MULTIFUNCTIONAL PRODUCT: Inhibits the vital activity of pathogenic microflora thanks to Smart silver particles. Restores and maintains the physiological balance of the native microflora in the intimate zone. Provides natural freshness, hydration and nourishment of the skin. Eliminates discomfort (dryness, irritation, inflammation). Increases attractiveness. Regular use of the INTIMIZER eco-gel maintains protective and regenerative functions of the external integuments at a high level.

INDICATIONS FOR USE: visiting public pools and saunas after any type of shaving (epilation) during physical activity, excessive sweating use of antibiotics weakened immune system hormone imbalance FIRST AID IN CASE OF: increased risk of infection redness (rash, damages) dryness and sloughing discomfort (irritation, itching, burning) unpleasant odor

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