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Isdin Ureadin Hydrating Deodorant Roll On 50ml

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  • Fresh and soft finish
  • Easy to apply roll-on presentation
  • Affords effective protection throughout the entire day

Isdin Ureadin Hydrating Deodorant Roll-On is a hydrating deodorant with a dry finish. 24-hour protection. It is easy to apply and provides effective protection for the entire day. With a dry and soft finish, provides moisture to the skin.

Apply the product on clean and dry skin, extending it throughout the entire underarm.

Aluminium Chlorohydrate: Antiperspirant, Regulates Perspiration. Triclosan: Deodorant Ingredient. Urea Isdin: Reduces Water Loss And Helps Maintain Optimal Hydration Levels. Improves The Barrier Action, The Immune System And Improves The Mechanical Properties And Flexibility Of The Skin.

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