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Locherber Habana Tobacco Diffuser 500ml

AED 490  (VAT inc.)
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Breathe freedom, the air that smells of dreams; a pristine place, not just an island but the island for excellence. Skilled hands and ancient traditions give shape to the sunburnt leaves of an island that lives, pulsates, and breathes freedom. The sweet note of honey, and the bitter and passionate smell of tobacco, give the final touch to harmony of special nuances like this island lost in time. Habana Tobacco the fragrance of Locherber Milano created to recall the warm bitter notes of Havana and Cuba. The T2 cap is created by hand according to techniques patented by Locherber that recall a capital of a Roman temple in order to emphasize the influence of the culture of ancient Rome and create a piece of Made in Italy design to enhance even more the space that surrounds us.

Store only in the original container. Store the containers in a well-ventillated place away from direct sunlight. Keep away from heat sources, naked flame, sparks, or other ignition sources.

HEAD Notes: Bergamot, Honey

HEART Notes: Coconut, Tobacco Carnation, Violet, Geranium

BASE Notes: Vanilla, Cedarwood, Amber, Patchouly

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