Rene Furterer Triphasic Progressive Anti Hair Loss Treatment 8X5.5ml For Hereditary Thinning Hair

Rene furterer
AED 714  (VAT inc.)
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  • From the 1st month, hair density increases and the scalp is less visible.
  • No. 1 anti-hair loss treatment in France
  • with 3 active phases, acts in the three decisive stages of the hair's life cycle
  • slow down hair loss, stimulate growth and extend the life of the hair.
  • Silicone-free

  • An original plant-based anti-hair loss key ingredient, Biotrinine acts in the three decisive stages of the anagen phase (Birth, Growth, Maturity) to stimulate growth, delay hair loss and thus extend the life of the hair.
  • Originating in the Amazon rainforest, Pfaffia or Brazilian Ginseng is one of the most celebrated plants in traditional medicine.
  • This active ingredient with unrivaled power maximizes the supply of essential elements to the hair, activating the growth factor VEGF which improves micro-circulation thereby, stimulating growth.
  • Its effectiveness in preventing hair loss has led to its patent. 
  • Curbicia is obtained by hydrolyzing pumpkin seeds, an exclusive procedure patented by René Furterer which is three times more effective in reducing sebum.
  • Ideal for treating scalps that tend to be oily, it works overtime to regulate the hyper-production of sebum within the sebaceous gland, one of the causes of gradual hair loss. 
  • Originating in China, Bitter or Bigarade Orange has a range of beneficial properties.
  • Extracts from its rind and leaves are rich in flavonoids to maximize vascularization.
  • Obtained from its leaves, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone (HMC) prevents the hardening of collagen fibers, which leads to hair loss.
  • Originating from the eastern Mediterranean and western Asia, Liquorice grows wild on pasture land.
  • In the 4th century BC, it was mixed with horse milk's cheese to quench thirst in the desert.
  • These days, it is used for its ability to prevent coughs and aid digestion, as well as an anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory.
  • As a natural liquorice extract, Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate reduces micro inflammation of the hair bulb which is one of the factors responsible for hair loss.

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