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Rut Essentials Oil Lemon 10ml

Rut Essentials
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  • Perfect for toning
  • Clarifies your skin
  • Makes a great natural disinfectant for your home

Start your day with the mood-boosting, highly energizing Lemon Essential Oil. Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, Lemon Essential Oil is perfect for toning and clarifying your skin. It also makes a great natural disinfectant for your home.

* Phototoxicity: May increase skin sensitivity, it is best to avoid direct sunlight when using any citrus essential oils topically. Do not exceed 2% concentration topically.

Bath & Shower: Awaken your senses by adding up to 5 drops in 2 tbsp of bath oil, shower gel, or carrier oil.

Beauty: Relax your body and mind while nourishing your skin. Use up to 8 drops in 1 tbsp of carrier oil, creams, and serums.

Diffusers & Burners: Embrace the moment. Add 8 to 10 drops in a diffuser or burner.

100% Pure Citrus Limon

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