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Slim Smart Vitacha Gluco Shape 60 Sticks

Slim Smart
AED 257.25 AED 367.5  (VAT inc.)
You save AED 110.25
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  • Supports your diet
  • Helps control your weight
  • Increases feelings of being full
  • Decreases Fats absorption
  • Convenient single sticks, ideal for on the go

Gluco shape contains natural Chitosan. Chitosan supplements are a natural supplement and unique source of fibers. It contains no calories and has the unique ability to bind to fats and cholesterol. Thereby wrapping them and preventing their absorption by the body. This effect can be explained by the chitosan's positive iconic charge. How chitosan is being absorbed.

Dissolve 1 stick in 250ml water and drink 15 minutes before each main meal of the day (3 times per day in total)

Glucomannan 1000Mg, Mannitol 625Mg, Chitosan 500Mg, Aromagrapefruit 100Mg, Siliziumdioxide 20Mg, Sucralose 5Mg

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