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Teatro Gift Set Imperial Oud Sticks 1500ml Transparent Vase

AED 990  (VAT inc.)
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A vision of the Orient, mysterious and mystical. A journey through faraway, forgotten lands. INCENSO IMPERIALE is the home fragrance where incense, oud, and rockrose create a perfectly balanced scent, enhanced by the freshness of cedar wood and, vetiver  and the gentleness of white musk. A deep sense of equilibrium and perfection, which finds its greatest intensity in the corridor, entrance or waiting room, or where concentration is required, such as in a study or office room.

Store only in original container. Store the containers sealed, in a well ventillated place, away from direct sunlight. Keep away from sources of heat, naked flame, sparks or other sources of ignition.

Incenso, Oud, Cisto, Violetta Incense, Oud, Cistus, Violet Legno Cedrino, Bambù, Vetiver Cedar Wood, Bamboo, Vetiver Muschio Bianco, Fava Tonka White Musk, Tonka Bean

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