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Trister Dual Mode Forehead & Infrared Thermometer - Model TS-236TFO

AED 182.84 AED 261.2  (VAT inc.)
You save AED 78.36
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  • Contactless thermometer
  • Temperature Units: C/ F
  • Memory Storage: 25 reading
  • Battery: 2 x 15 v AAA
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Normal body temperature varies between 97.7 F and 99.5 F, or 36.5 C and 37.5 C. This value is called normothermia and may vary by about 0.9 F (0.5 C) during the day. While minor changes in body temperature are normal, it is important to check your temperature especially if you are feeling low or feeling sick. An accurate thermometer helps you to identify irregularity in body temperature and see what are often the first signals of something that needs attention: Particularly in young children who cannot explain their symptoms, monitoring temperature is essential. Trister offers a range of non-contact & digital thermometers with added features like surface temperature reading and memory function to suit your needs. 

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