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Trister Facial Sauna With Steam Inhaler - Model TS-012-FS001

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  • For Clear and Glowing skin
  • Easy to use Skin refresher
  • For all Skin types

It provides many skin benefits like facial cleansing and facial moisturization. It makes the skin soft, smooth, clean and glowing for a longer time. No loud noises are produced with a steam vaporizer while using it, causing less distraction and unpleasantness.  All skin types are compatible with this mini-Nano facial mister. It keeps your skin moisturized and glowing. Your normal hydration requirements are met with the use of a 30 ml big water tank of Nano mister. It is used to get rid of makeup, dirt, and any other impurities present on the skin. It can also be utilized for aromatherapy and to get rid of dead skin cells. Nano steam is responsible for soothing and relaxing your skin. It helps to hydrate it and also as stress removal, is used in spas and other areas.  

Warning: please note Use of essential oil for aromatherapy can damage the steam inhaler and will not be safe to use.


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