Trister Heating & Cooling Vibration Massager - Model TS-597HM

AED 309.75  (VAT inc.)
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  • Cold & Heat Therapy with 3 temp levels
  • Temp range: 5-45ᵒC
  • Vibration Wand Massage with 3 speed
  • Rechargeable, Portable, Cordless
  • Water-proof for a wand massager
  • Warranty 2 yrs

Experience an intense yet comfortable massage when your muscles start to ache, with the Trister Rechargeable Cold & Hot Beauty Massager. This handy massager features three different speeds of vibrating massage to help relax tense, and fatigued muscles, and its flexible design makes it easy to target your sore spots. There is a heat function for maximum relief, specially designed to help increase circulation for muscle comfort and relaxation. It also features a cooling function that helps reduce joint swelling and muscle inflammation. Get therapeutic relief for muscle tension and pain without the assistance of a professional therapist with the Trister Rechargeable Hot & Cold Beauty Massager.

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