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Vitabiotics Pregnacare Liquid 200ml

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  • Free from artificial colours, lactose, salt, yeast, glucose and gelatin
  • Not tested on animals and is suitable for vegetarians

Pregnacare liquid, expert liquid through all of pregnancy, a careful balance of vitamins and minerals. Pregnacare liquid, expert liquid for both mother and baby, ideal alternative to tablet and gentle on stomach. Pregnacare liquid, has been carefully developed to help safeguard dietary requirements from the start of trying to conceive and throughout the whole of pregnancy. • Pregnacare liquid, is free from artificial colours, lactose, salt, Yeast, glucose and gelatin. • Pregnacare liquid is not tested on animals and is suitable for vegetarians.

BEFORE & DURING PREGNANCY:TWO 5ML TEASPOONSFUL PER DAY.One teaspoonful = approx. 5ml (5ml spoon included)Pregnacare Liquid should not be taken on an empty stomach. Ideally taken with a main meal.Do not exceed the recommended intake. Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.You can take Pregnacare Liquid during all stages of your pregnancy. There is no need to take an additional multivitamin.

Swallow With Water Or A Cold Drink. Not To Be Chewed. Do Not Exceed The Recommended Intake. To Be Taken On A Full Stomach. You Can Take Pregnacare During All Stages Of Your Pregnancy. There Is No Need To Take An Additional Multivitamin.

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