Mistakes to Avoid if You Have Thin Hair

Mistakes to Avoid if You Have Thin Hair

Be it for teenagers, adults, or the elderly, hair loss is a big problem. As with any other hair type, thin hair has quite a several characteristics that need to be taken care of. Generally, thin hair is very soft and smooth and the main issue is that it dries up quickly. For this reason, thin hair can be quite tricky to deal with. While there are a dozen of reasons such as stress, thyroid problems, genetics, or a fine texture, that all results in one thing, thin hair that's difficult to style and can easily get damaged when styling.

There are a few things we all might do daily that would make our hair more prone to breakage, damage, and fallout. So we've listed the top mistakes to avoid if you might have thin hair:

1) Using too much hair oil: Using Hair oil might make your hair feel nice, wavy, and smooth, and people might even think that using oil can make your hair thicker. But this is not the case, too much hair oil application is not recommended for people with thin hair since it is typically too heavy and leads to thin hair strands that are flat and stuck onto the scalp. Instead of oiling too much, try to use a weekly hair mask that suits your hair.

2) Pulling hair back tightly to a ponytail when wet: At times when you are in a hurry burry, all of us get tempted to pull back all the hair to a cute ponytail maybe soon after a shower. But doing this can cause serious damage to your hair. When wet, the elasticity of the hair is maximum, so when it is in a bun, especially the already thin strands. The hair is more prone to break.

3) Avoiding Regular Haircuts: Thin hair can be dry, pesky, and difficult to manage and due to this reason, many of us avoid regular haircuts. But according to experts, even those with thin hair should get their regular hair cut or trimming done. Cutting your hair creates more volume and for finer hair types it typically looks best when the length is shorter or at the collarbone.

4) Avoiding intake of vitamins: A fully flexible, seemingly flawless hair can feel unattainable for the average person with a thin hair type. But one thing you need to remember is that keeping your hair healthy & luscious might have less to do with the hair care products you choose and more with what you eat. Vitamins and minerals are important for normal cell growth and function so it is important to know which vitamins help treat hair damage or loss.

5) Avoiding Conditioners: Many of us, especially those with thin hair, skip our hair care routine without using conditioner.  Not everyone realizes how to use a conditioner the right way and what exactly a conditioner does. As the shampoo cleans your hair and helps remove impurities, hair conditioners help in adding moisture to your hair, thus, restoring hydration to your strands, especially to the hair ends.

6) Washing Your Hair Too Often: There are many out there who can't let a day go by without washing their hair. If you are one of those daily hair washers, you’d probably understand that it is not the right step to follow. Overwashing your hair can result in extra oil, where your oil glands tend to produce more oil to compensate for the loss of oils that the shampoo is removing. Retraining your hair and oil production is very much important for overall hair and scalp health. 

7) Avoid Color: People with thin hair generally avoid coloring their hair thinking too much about the chemical effect that could further damage the condition of their hair. But, you might be surprised to hear that adding a bit of color can do wonders for enhancing the thickness and look of your hair. While choosing the color, choose a shade lighter than complements your skin. Colored hair gives you an illusion of thicker hair creating a contrast of shadows and lightness.

8) Using Hot Styling Tools: Regular use of hot styling tools such as curlers or straighteners can damage the hair fiber, dehydrate the hair strands and make it look frizzy, increasing the risk of hair loss and thinning.

9) Avoid Cotton Pillowcases: It’s high time to switch to silky pillows as the material silk allows the hair to slide around on your pillow effortlessly, making you wake up to smoother hair. Silk is considered to be a luxurious fabric that helps your hair retain its moisture. In the case of cotton pillow covers, it tends to absorb your hair’s natural moisture and hair rubs against the cotton fibers causing a lot of friction and making your hair frizzy.

10) Avoid too much hair extension: We all wish to have gorgeous long, thick locks but unfortunately, long, thick good hair doesn’t come easy. That is why hair extensions are an attractive option for many. Clip hair extensions are usually made from poorer-quality synthetic hair and these clips are somewhat bulky, and might not be suitable for thin hair. The way the hair extensions are bound to the hair adds extra pressure to the root, which could accentuate hair loss.

Summing Up:

It’s important to realize that hair care is not one-size-fits-all, and the tips and tricks that work for you might not work or deliver the same results to others. From the types of products, you choose to use daily to the thing you need to avoid, take care of all minute things to keep your thin hair good, healthy & happy. Remember your hair is your care!

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